4 Years On

My blog posts have been few and far between this year (read zero). It's strange when I look back at my old posts as I can't remember how I even had the time to write them.

I'm writing this post to tie in with the 4th birthday of mrs L cards. I wanted to write a post as I wanted to look back over the "journey" travelled so far.

There was never a grand plan with mrs L cards. I think its shows in the name of the company. mrs L - being me of course, cards - what I designed and sold. No further thought went into as I saw no need. It began as my hobby whilst I had a full time design job, one of those jobs that gave me nights and weekends totally and blissfully free. It was a bit of fun and I loved it.

It took on a very different role when after 2 redundancies in 1 year I found myself at a point where I was desperate to make it something more than a hobby. I took the plunge and went full time. That first year was so exciting. I was happy with every order that came in and proud that I could prove to myself and my husband that the business could (and was) working. I learnt how much hard work was involved in running a business but none of the hard work felt like a chore. Yes I often had to work long, long days and weekends (and still do) but I was buzzing from it.

Busy year

Snapshot of 4th year in business
As time went on I got busier and busier. I won awards, I employed freelancers. I moved from the sofa with my laptop to taking over the spare bedroom to changing that into a store room and making the dining room into a studio. I became Ltd., I became VAT registered. Not everything went swimmingly but I dealt with the problems that popped up.
Lots of customer orders

Then June this year came along and something happened, and nothing happened. I suddenly wasn't feeling it anymore. I can't say I was burnt out because I have always made holidays a top priority in my life but I just didn't feel right towards the business. My love for it had waned and I just wasn't happy. I was no longer excited about the business and needed, well I didn't know what I needed. I had some long chats with mr L and decided to pull back a bit. I suppose I hadn't realised how heavily I as a person was invested in the business and how all encompassing it could be.

As the summer was approaching I decided to try to make the most of it. Summer is my absolute favourite time of year and over the past few years I have often got to the end of it feeling like I haven't made the most of it. So from July to the beginning of October I have been on countless day trips, joined the National Trust and visited stunning nearby treasures, been to Palma, Malaga and Nice, camped, BBQ'd, cycled and walked lots. I've loved every minute of it.

And now nearing the end of October, heading into mrs L cards 4th birthday and prepping for the busiest time of year I am glad to say I am feeling it once again. Running a business is a massive learning curve, I have had to learn a great deal of things as and when they have come along. I think now I have learnt what I need to do when things don't feel right for me. I have learnt that nurturing yourself and giving yourself breathing space is invaluable. After all "A break is a good as a rest".

Here's to year 5 :)

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