New Studio Space

Way back in December 2013 I repainted the "spare room" in our house and relaid out the desks in there to create a better working area for mrs L cards.

Fast forward to the summer of 2014 and this space was completely outgrown as my sister Susan aka Suzie Q joined me for a few days a week plus my lovely girl Friday Judith.  On days when I was working on my own I stayed in the spare room but on days when the girls were with me we worked out of the dining room. By the time Christmas came along there was stock and work pretty much everywhere in the house and I have lost track of the amount of times we ran up and down the stairs as crazily the printers were still upstairs whilst we were working downstairs!

Old Studio layoutBusy deskStudio at xmas

I began looking at possibly moving into an outside office space and visited a couple to get an idea of what was out there but nothing seemed right either space or price wise. To be completely honest I actually enjoy working at home.
I don't miss any form of commute, the Post Office is a 2 minute walk down the street and in the summer I like nothing more than sitting out in the sun with my laptop. Vitamin D overload. So I began looking at what I had that I could work
with. The very obvious answer was the dining room. Not used very often by mr L and I as we have a table in the kitchen, the only real problem was the colour, a dark olive colour, perfect for a dining room but terrible for an office. So after a
very, very busy Christmas period I began drawing up ideas of "work stations" that I needed to make daily work life easier and more flowing. I donned my old clothes and painted the room to white, white, white. It took quite a few coats but eventually I got there and the difference was amazing.

Decorating studio spaceDecorating studio spaceStudio space looking clean and fresh

My next step was to create the work stations I required. I need a "hub" where we could all sit and work, a cutting and making up area, an area for the printers and paper storage plus a postal area with storage space for envelopes etc.
Ikea thankfully offered all of these solutions, even incorporating tables on top of other tables, so the order was placed. The furniture arrived and I set to making it all up. I ordered everything in white to keep the office as light as possible.

Ikea furniture arrivingNew desk for studioNew Studio Space

The whole process has been quite slow as in between I have had to continue working but now it is finished I am over the moon. I just need to try to keep it clean and tidy!

Printer area

Card display


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