Travel and Change of Place Impart New Vigour to the Mind

As I mentioned in an earlier post my husband and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary a few weeks back in Paris. For our anniversary I designed a card made up of all the places we have visited together to form the number 7. We have been very fortunate to do quite a bit of travelling in our 7 years as a married couple.

I love travelling, I love trying new foods, seeing how different people live and generally walking everywhere. Our first holiday together was a trip to New York for my birthday and New Year 2005. Despite being full of cold on the entire trip we still managed to have a great time and see some weird and wonderful sights....

Central park New York

New Year New York 2005

We have a big love for both Italy and the South of France which pairs well with our love of food and drink. We have a little dream to have a Pied a Terre in Nice or its surrounding area....

Colletta Italy

Beau Rivage Nice

But I have to say our most memorable holiday was to Tokyo in 2007. Tokyo is an amazing mix of old traditions and crazy new fads. After an initial “culture shock” we settled in well and spent 9 days soaking up everything Tokyo
had to offer...

Sumo Tokyo

Tokyo 2007

When we came home from our anniversary trip to Paris I tweeted about my card and got some wonderful reactions. Straight away I got a request for a 10th wedding anniversary card and another one following that. I decided to make
this card available to buy and I am glad to say I have had numerous orders. One of the things I love about doing these cards is seeing the places my customers have visited. I find myself thinking “Oh I’ve been there”, “I would love to go
there” or “Where is that, I have never heard of there?”. Some places I had never heard of are Bhutan (South Asia), Tintagel (North Cornwall) and Tadoussac (Canada). Designing these cards definitely fuels my appetite to travel more,
so much so I often want to ask my customers about their trips. I did have a nice conversation with one of my customers about Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, it is simply gorgeous there.

Typographical Personalised 1st wedding anniversary card

Memories 10th wedding anniversary card

So when time and money are on my side my list of places I would love to visit next are:

• Vietnam - this has been on my list for years now, it looks beautiful and fascinating.
• Australia - my husband was born here and I have so many friends that now live there it seems a disgrace that I have never been.
• Canada - my dad loved it here and because of this I am very curious about it.
• More of France especially Lyon and Bordeaux - wine and food again!

To quote St. Augustine “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” 

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