What to Write Inside Wedding Cards

Writing a wedding card can be a daunting task, especially when you want to convey the perfect message. Whether the couple is traditional, same-sex or non-binary, your words should reflect your genuine well wishes and congratulations.

Here are some ideas to help you write a meaningful message inside a wedding card.

Traditional Messages
“Congratulations on your special day! Wishing you a lifetime of love, joy and happiness together. Cheers to a beautiful future!”

“Congratulations on your wedding! Your love story is beautiful and inspiring. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and cherished moments.”

Non Traditional Messages
“Love knows no bounds. Congratulations on finding your soulmate and making a lifetime commitment. May your marriage be filled with endless love and happiness.”

"Your love shines brightly and is a testament to true partnership. May your marriage be filled with joy and love. Congratulations!”

"Witnessing your love and commitment is truly inspiring. May your journey together be filled with endless laughter and shared dreams. Congratulations!”

"Your love story is truly special. May your journey together be filled with joy, laughter and endless love. Congratulations!”

“Your love is a beautiful example of partnership and commitment. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and togetherness. Congratulations on your wedding!”

Religious Message
“May God bless your marriage with love, joy and companionship. Congratulations on your union and wishing you a lifetime of blessings!”

A Few Other Tips for Writing Your Message
• Personalise It

Mention specific memories or qualities about the couple that you admire.

Keep It Sincere
Write from the heart and be genuine in your wishes.

• Be Positive
Focus on the joy and celebration of their union.

• Keep It Concise
Your message doesn’t have to be lengthy; a few heartfelt sentences can be very impactful.

No matter what you write inside a wedding card, the most important thing is that your message comes from the heart. Your heartfelt wishes will make their special day even more memorable.

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